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Fence Installation in purcellville Virginia?

Are you in the market for a new vinyl fence? Installing a new fence in your backyard, or property surroundings can be challenging. You have many options from DIY, general contractors, fence construction companies and more! All American Fences Inc. has over 20 years experience manufacturing and installing vinyl, wood, and metal fences throughout purcellville and Northern VA. Hopefully you can find enough info here to both educate yourself and choose the best option for installing your new fence!

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Why is Vinyl the right material for your new home fence?

Understanding the differences between vinyl fences, wood, iron, aluminum, and other fence materials can be complicated and we will advise you on the best options for your goal and budget.

Fences made out of vinyl are durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. They can be expensive but require very little maintenance and are easy to clean and repair so the savings you get during the life of the fence will make up for the high initial cost.

The reason vinyl is the most popular material to build a fence with is because of the return on your overall investment. Your purcellville VA property will appreciate immediately and overtime the cost will pay for itself. Not to mention its easy to install and in some cases can make a great DIY project! And last but not least it's beauty will last! It is so easy to clean that it will remain looking new many years after it's purchase. If the modern new look is what you're after, and functionality is high on your priorities, then vinyl will make a great choice for your purcellville Virginia fence project.


What is the typical cost of a vinyl fence in purcellville VA?

Northern Virginia homes typically have more land than your DC Metropolitan homes which is why the fence business is such a great industry in Loudoun VA. The further you get from Washington DC, the more land you will see. With such a high demand in the area vinyl fences can be costly however there are plenty of companies to choose from and lots of money can be saved through negotiating! 300 linear feet of fence will cost between 4 - 12k, so as you can see there is a lot of wiggle room.

Whether you are a horse owner, farmer, or simply a purcellville Va homeowner looking for extra security, you will appreciate what a nice fence can add to your home. On the flip side, an old rotten fence can ruin your image and reduce your homes value as well.

What Other Options for Home Fencing is Recommended in purcellville Virginia

Wooden is the most notable fence material to compare to vinyl however there is also iron, aluminum, chain link, PVC, masonry and many other combinations. free in-home assessment today!

purcellville VA Vinyl Fence Construction
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purcellville Va Fence Installation
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Our comprehensive gutter consultation will uncover the perfect solution for your fence project. We have over 20 years of experience and have worked with so many properties all throughout purcellville and Northern VA. Most of our staff has been here from the beginning and know all the ins and outs to building a great fence. Not only do we install vinyl fences, we also build wooden horse fences, chain-link commercial fencing, iron gate fencing and much more!

Pros and cons to installing vinyl fencing in purcellville Virginia


  • Looks beautiful
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean requiring less maintenance
  • Lower longterm investment overall
  • Cons

  • Expensive initial cost
  • Not as many colors/styles available
  • Extreme temperatures can cause damage

Can you use vinyl for horse fencing near purcellville Va?

    Vinyl is an excellent choice for horse fencing. The black vinyl fencing is very popular amongst horse owners however wood is the most common material used to build a horse fence. The wood blends in with nature a little better, and depending on the type of wood, can be less expensive to install. Oak tends to be the most popular wood used however can be expensive and requires more upkeep than vinyl. Overall vinyl is a smart decision if you want your fence to withstand the elements of nature and time while requiring minimal maintenance!

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    Does my purcellville Va fence need to be replaced or rep?aired?

    To repair or replace, that is always the question, and in 9 times out of 10 it will come down to the age of your fence. The other factor is what is the material type, as some fences can have a 20 year shelf life and others can last as long as 40 years, but more importantly it comes down to how well you have maintained it over the years. A professional fence contractor in purcellville can easily provide this information to you as well as explain the detail of your fence condition and when and if it will need to be replaced.

    Benefits of Fence Repairs:

    Repairs are more affordable, and there may be more life left in your fence than you realize.

    Benefits of Fence Replacement:

    Some of the vinyl materials and colors were probably not available when you installed your fence and a nice new fence can give your home a new fresh new look!

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Highest Quality Fencing Products
We only use the best fence materials and modern Techniques. Our professional fence installers are equipped with the best tools the industry has to offer!
High Standards
We hold every aspect of our fence business to a very high standard. As a local business to purcellville VA, we understand the fabric of our community, and the class of service it deserves.
We are a big enough fence company to understand the importance of time management, however we are not so big that time and money gets waisted within the bureaucracy of our management.
Insurance Claims
You want a trusted, reliable and proven contractor to help you through the complicated insurance claims for fences damaged from weather and process and ensure  a quality fence replacements.

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Installing a fence takes great responsibilities and we take this very seriously. Our Installers are heavily screened and our estimators will be courteous, respectful, and honest.  They will listen to your goals, provide reasonable options based on your budget, and take accurate measurements of your home.  We will provide you with a comprehensive estimate in a timely manner and our team will eagerly await your approval to begin the fence project immediately.     
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